Project description

The Department appoints a committee who will evaluate the project description to see if it is feasible, with respect to time and resources. They also evaluate the professional content, and see if the methods proposed are meaningful. By writing the project description, the student will be well prepared with a solid background before the project starts, with regard to theory and methods. 

The project description is prepared in co-operation between the student and the supervisor, should be between 3-4 pages and must contain the following: 

Introduction/theory – Describe the project in an academic context

Hypothesis/ problem area – Clearly formulated hypotheses/questions
Method – A thorough description of the methodology
List of references – Active use of references with a reference list
Time schedule - Information on when you plan to take all subjects, and planned progression of the project
Budget - All costs concerning the project, e.g. fieldwork, laboratory, equipment, literature etc., must be discussed with your supervisor, and a plan for costs and financing must be outlined in the agreement, point 10 
Supervisors – If more than one supervisor is involved, clarify/define the function of each individual supervisor
The project description is approved and recommended by the supervisor (both professionally and responsibly) before it is delivered.
Project Descriptions that lack these features, or do not have the supervisor's signature, are returned.