The ecology group covers a broad field of research, including effects of both abiotic and biotic environmental variables on individuals, populations and communities and their interactions.

We do research on both natural and anthropogenic influences, and our work spans the full range of ecosystems, including terrestrial, freshwater and marine systems from the tropics to the high arctic. Taxonomically we cover unicellular and multicellular organisms, including bacteria, algae, higher plants, fungi, invertebrates and vertebrates, and our approach includes studies in the field, lab experiments, and pure theoretical studies.

The results from our research have a high relevance for society, with particular impact on management, conservation and use of natural resources.

Education and collaboration

Our great diversity allows us to recruit national and international students and researchers with a wide range of interests.

We have an extensive network of national and international collaborators both within basic as well as more applied science, giving our students the best possibilities to prepare for a future career within research, management or industry.