Plant ecology

– Graae Lab

The plant ecology group with some of our collaborators. Photo: Kristin Odden Nystuen


We study plant community and ecosystem processes in response to environmental change - mostly in tundra, temperate-boreal forests and tropical savanna.

Much of the research we have been involved in has been on colonization patterns but we are also interested in adaptation capacity to climate change and resistance/resilience of communities. We work both in lab and in the field and increasingly with traits-based methods. Right now we work within three networks:

The Fleur network studying forest herbs and invasive species along a latitudinal gradient from France to Northern Sweden see The FLEUR network

The ECOSHRUB network studying the effect of shrub encroachment on community dynamics and ecosystem processes in alpine tundra.

The AfricanBioServices Horizon2020 project studying the links between human population growth, land use and biodiversity in the Serengeti-Mara system (Tanzania and Kenya).


Field work on the Serengeti savannah in Tanzania with Bente Jessen Graae and AfricanBioServices. Photo: Per Harald Olsen/NTNU




Lab members


Stuart Smith (Postdoc)

Kenny Helsen (Postdoc)

Mia Vedel Sørensen (PhD)

Kristin Odden Nystuen​ (PhD)

Sigrid Lindmo (Senior Engineer)

Projects and networks