My research centres on the overwhelming chemical diversity found in the plant kingdom with focus on food, feed, and bioactive compounds.

Besides target compound analysis, i.e. single compounds or compound groups, I work with metabolite profiling with regard to stress and molecular physiology, chemical diversity, herbs and medicinal plants, food quality, nutrition and health-related aspects. Instrumental platforms and techniques comprise GC-MS, UPLC/TOF-MS and HS-SPME for volatile profiling. In addition to my affiliation to the Cell, Molecular Biology and Genomics Group (CMBG), I run a small research group – FoodMaP (Food Metabolites and Phytochemicals), which at present includes four members: research engineer Grete Rakvaag and 3 master students.

Most recent research activities focus on quality aspects of industrially-processed foods (NFR no. 207761), effects of aquafeeds on nutrition and metabolism in Atlantic salmon (NFR no. 217485), and breeding for frost tolerance and quality in strawberry (NFR no. 199554). As I am also teaching in plant physiology-related courses at the Dep. Biology. Outside NTNU, I am member of the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety (VKM), Panel on Food Additives, and involved in the risk assessment of food ingredients by order of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.





Jens Rohloff

Jens Rohloff