Effects of shrub encroachment on albedo patterns

Shrub encroachment promoted by climate change has been shown to lead to decreases in bryophytes and lichens. In this project we investigate whether these shifts in vegetation will lead to changes in albedo. We use two different approaches to compare encroached versus shrub-free plots;

  1. Albedo is measured in plots encroached by Betula nana versus non-encroached plots at three sites at increasing elevations.
  2. At three experimental sites, willows have been transplanted into a meadow, heath and willow community where albedo will be measured repeatedly over the coming years thus mimicking the effect of increasing shrub encroachment.

Timeframe: Start 2014, end open.

Who is involved:

Simone Lang (Researcher)

Bente Jessen Graae(Professor)

Ivan Nijs (Professor)

Bee Vanhecke (Master-student)


Albedo, photos

  • Lichen heath Dovre Mountains, Central Norway. Photo
  • Dominant lichens: Cladonia stellaris and Alectoria ochroleuca. Photo
  • Albedometer (Kipp & Zonen) mounted on tripod at shrub-dominated site. Photo