Snåsavatn field station


Snåsavatn (Lake Snåsavatn) field station - is a place where smaller groups can work uninterrupted in a beautiful environment! 

The field station is located in Steinkjer municipality. The station was built in part of funds provided by hydropoewer companies to strengthen freshwater ecology research. It was opened n 1967. The station is built with an emphasis on serving groups of up to about 16 people and therefore has a relatively large

living room centrally placed and is easy to use for different measures. There have been groups of up to 50-60 people at the station, but then there must be amplification of sanitary facility.

The station consists of three buildings: the main house, annex (located about 100 m from the main house down by the lake) and the boathouse. The main house has four beds (bunk beds in two bedrooms), lab, living room with kitchen. In the basement of the main house is the toilet, sauna and shower. In the annex, there are two bedrooms and in the boathouse, there is another (one) bedroom (bunk beds). It is not any organized cleaning at the station and the obligation of each user to be responsible for cleaning after themselves. Let us enforce the principle that the station should be left in such condition that you want to find it! There are cushions and dunes, but each user is responsible to bring sheets, and duvet covers. The kitchen has the usual equipment, including dishwasher machine.

In the area around the station, there are many different habitat types and the station has been widely used by botanists and zoologists, especially freshwater ecologists. There are boats in the boathouse, but these belong to the Department of Biology, and any use of the boats must be arranged with the responsible for the station. Otherwise there are good opportunities to work undisturbed in beautiful surroundings.

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