Wall of trainees

Wall of trainees


Emilie Faarup Storvik

Spring 2021

"I am very grateful for the six months I got to be a trainee at the NTNU Brussels Office. The office has a great working environment, where we as trainees are looked upon as a resource and as valuable colleagues. This gave me motivation and helped me learn a lot in the months I was there. I got to experience Brussels as a lobbying playfield, as well as learning how the research networks work towards the European Union. We were thrown into a new world of information and resources, which I am forever grateful for learning about and learning to use. The Brussels office gave me inspiration and help for my master thesis, as well as giving me a great introduction to the European arena!"

Synnøve Stølen

Spring 2021

"During my time at the NTNU Brussels Office I got first-hand experience with the functions of the European Union, and I got to put my educational background in European Studies to work. The EUs latest framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon Europe, launched during my first month at the office, and throughout my time in Brussels I got to work closely with the programme and NTNUs strategy towards it, learning more about the EU and how NTNU works. With a work environment as competitive as the one in Brussels it was invaluable to work with colleagues who knows how to work towards the EU-system, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn from them."

Thea Lurås Oftebro 

Fall 2020

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend a semester at the NTNU Brussels Office. As a trainee, I had many different tasks and responsibilities related to the EU framework Programme for research and innovation and representing NTNU in Brussels. Working in this professional work environment made me grow both personally and professionally. Furthermore, Brussels is a really cool place to conduct a traineeship as it is the “capital of Europe” and a multicultural city filled with trainees from all over Europe. I recommend everyone with interests for the EU and/ or research and innovation activities to apply for this traineeship!”

Nicklai Birkeland

Fall 2020

"Working at the NTNU Brussels Office was a great way to learn more about the EUs framework programme and other European R&I initiatives, and to see how NTNU can operate and grow within thet context. At the office the work is varied, the days fast paced, and it is a really fun and motivating place to develop your skills. For me, the semester at NTNU Brussels Office was not only incredibly interesting and instructive but has also served as a "launch pas" for my future career. I would highly recommend others who are interested to apply!" 

Photo of Mathias Shabanaj Jankila. Photo.

Mathias Shabanaj Jankila

Spring 2020
“As a trainee at the Brussels office, I learned how to combine hard work and dedication with a playful work environment. Through good colleagues, strong leadership, and by challenging myself, I was able to quickly adapt to the world of Brussels. This of course included a strong understanding of the EU system and the tools needed to affect this system.”

Photo of Camilla Solli Stokkaune. Photo.

Camilla Solli Stokkaune

Spring 2020
“I had an amazing time working at the NTNU Brussels Office! The internship was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the R&I aspect of the EU, how NTNU promotes and positions itself in relevant networks and how important it is for universities to have a Brussels Office. I gained valuable knowledge about R&I, the Framework Programmes of the EU and NTNUs collaboration with other European universities through UnILiON during my internship, and it was nice to see how the EU-system works in practice after learning about it for years during my BA and MA degree. I became more confident in my abilities and what I can contribute in a professional working environment through my stay at NTNU Brussels Office. It also challenged me in new ways, and I have learned a lot about myself”

Photo of Kristian Sandøy Lyster. Photo.

Kristian Sandøy Lyster

Fall 2019 
"I am very grateful that they gave me a lot of responsibilities at the Brussels Office. Here I got the opportunity to attend exciting events in Brussels, follow EU policy at first hand, and arrange meetings and seminars. I even conducted my own little research project that I got the opportunity to present to the UnILiON network. There were many situations where I felt like I was being thrown off a cliff, and had to learn to fly on the way down. Being put in situations like that helped me grow a lot, both professionally and personally. Working as a trainee for the office has therefore been a highly relevant work experience I would recommend to anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding start to their career"

Photo of Margrethe Aurora Seljenes. Photo.

Margrethe Aurora Seljene

Fall 2019 
“Being a trainee at the NTNU Brussels Office was the perfect start to my young professional career. It was truly a hands-on introduction to the world of Research and Innovation in the vibrant heart of the EU. As a master's student of Globalisation and Sustainable Development, the opportunity to partake in high-level debates about the political, economic and societal transformations needed to combat climate change was incredibly valuable. It was particularly inspiring to work so closely with the remarkable people in the R&I community all contributing towards a more sustainable future. With great support and guidance from the NTNU Office, I was able to grow and learn a lot in a short time, fitting to the fun and fast-paced atmosphere that is Brussels.”

Turid Høstmark

"As a trainee at the NTNU Brussels Office I was given the unique opportunity to learn more about EU policy related to research and innovation, as well NTNU's collaborative role with other universities and organisations in Brussels. I was given a lot of responsibilities and the chance to work independently, which made me more confident in my professional abilities. No days at the NTNU Brussels Office are the same, and it was fun and motivating to be a part of such a dynamic workplace with tasks ranging from networking to writing reports and monitoring the office's SoMe. During my time at the office I was given the chance to grow and learn in a challenging but inspiring setting, and the experience gave me a great foundation for a future career."

Photo of Pernille Nyvoll. Photo.

Pernille Nyvoll

“As a trainee at NTNUs Brussels Office I learned a lot about the networking world of Brussels, and I learned by example how one can bring people and institutions together and increase both cooperation and possibilities for fundings. I believe that the knowledge and values I brought with me from this experience will be of great use in my future career”