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NTNU2060 Visions for Campus development

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News about Campus Development

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Contribute to the debate

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The Government wants to decide on how to meet NTNU's current and future needs for space.

The Ministry of Education and Research has therefore appointed Rambøll AS to prepare a 'choice of concept' evaluation (KVU).

The purpose is to evaluate which campus solutions would benefit NTNU given a time frame of at least 50 years. The main need motivating the project is the state of the facilities at Dragvoll.

Two main concepts

The Ministry of Education and Research has defined two main concepts:

  • further development of NTNU with activities distributed between Gløshaugen and Dragvoll much as they are today
  • or increasing the density of the NTNU campus by re-establishing the activities on the Dragvoll campus closer to Gløshaugen.

Both concepts will be compared with a 'zero' alternative representing the current situation. It may be relevant to investigate additional alternatives. Rambøll AS is to complete the concept evaluation in December 2013.

The final evaluation documents are owned by the Ministry of Education and Research.