<b> FME CenSES – Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies<b>

FME CenSES – Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies

Project duration: 2011 – 2019

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Scientific publications from CenSES

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Annual reports from CenSES

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Short articles from CenSES-research

RA1 - forside

Research area 1

Policy making and transition strategies

Research Area 1 investigates how ambitious governmental policies and regulations can be designed to provide competitive advantages and promote sustainable energy systems.

RA4 - forside

Research area 4
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Innovation and commercialization

Research Area 4 investigates the development of innovation and commercialisation processes on firm, project and system levels.

RA2 - forside

Research area 2
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Energy systems and markets

Research Area 2 employs equilibrium and optimisation models to numerically analyse policies and economics of future energy systems.

RA5 - forside

Research area 5

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Scenario development

Research Area 5 provides scenario-driven knowledge and analyses to aid the development and evaluation of sustainable energy strategies.

RA3 - Forside

Research area 3

Economic analysis

Research Area 3 uses economic theory to study incentive mechanisms promoting sustainable energy usage and production.

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