Innovation and commercialization

Research area 4

Innovation and commercialization

Research Area 4, Innovation and commercialization, investigates the development of innovation and commercialisation processes on firm, project and system levels.

Leader: Roger Sørheim, NTNU IØT

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This research area studies the complex development of innovation and commercialisation processes, using the firm, project and system levels as units of analysis. In combination with the policy, framework conditions and regulative dimensions analysed in Research area 1, our work will represent an important basis for analysis and recommendations related to further policy development and better framework conditions for commercialising new technologies.

Research partners:

Western Norway University of Applied Science (HVL),  UiO, NTNU, SINTEF, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)

Work packages:

4.1 Commercialization of research explores which factors influence the commercialisation of research and how research can result in spin-offs and technology transfer. We study commercialisation of technology and business development processes, investigating how entrepreneurial firms get access to and use resources. Special attention is paid to emerging renewable industries (entrepreneurial firms in developed and less developed countries).

Contact: Lars Øystein Widding (NTNU IØT)

4.2 Innovation processes and innovation systems increases our understanding of the innovation system, with focus on factors which stimulate or represent barriers to change processes. If there is a tension between knowledge creation and spillover, how does this influence policy in a small open economy in Europe? Which roles do innovation systems play in a globalised world?

Contact: Olav Wicken (UiO TIK)

4.3 Local and regional barriers and strategies addresses the strategic situation of Norwegian companies that engage in production and/or use of renewable energy and investigates how local and regional factors influence the development of new energy production projects. We study how regional barriers in the private and public sectors hinder transition strategies and which strategies may help to overcome these barriers.

Contact: Erling Holden (HVL)