RA 4

Projects Including CenSES Research Partners

Where Does the Green Economy Grow? The Geography of Nordic Sustainability Transitions (GONST)

Project leader: Teis Hansen, Lund University. Leader WP5 (Policy Learning): Håkon Finne (hakon.finne@sintef.no) 
Programme: Nordic Green Growth Research and Innovation Programme, Nordic Innovation, NordForsk and Nordic Energy Research, 2017-2020
Budget: 20 mill NOK

Greening the Fleet – Sustainability Transitions in the Maritime Shipping Sector (GREENFLEET)
Project leader: Tone Merethe Aasen (tone.m.aasen@sintef.no)
Programme: EnergiX, Norges Forskningsråd 2017-2020
Budget: 11,8 mill NOK

Internationalization of Norwegian Offshore Wind Capabilities (InNOWiC)
EnergiX. 2016 - 2020.
Project leader: Asbjørn Karlsen
Total budget: NOK 10 800 000

Renewable Energy Projects: Local Impacts and Sustainability (RELEASE)
NFR 2014-2017
Project leader: 
Erling Holden
Total budget: NOK 25 000 000

Influence of bioethanol fuels treatment for operational performance, ecological properties and GHG emissions of spark ignition engine
EEA 2013-2015
Project leader: Otto Andersen
Total budget: NOK

Teknologibasert entreprenørskap og innovasjon som driver industriell utvikling i Nord-Norge (Norwegian)
NFR og Helgeland Sparebank 2013-2016
Project leader: Roger Sørheim
Total budget: NOK 5 500 000

Renewable energy as transition strategy
RCN/RENERGI 2011-2014
Project leader: Keith Smith
Total budget: NOK 7 800 000