Projects Including CenSES Research Partners

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Projects Including CenSES Research Partners


Funding source: Horizon 2020
Year: 2016
Coordinated by: Anglia Ruskin University

Funding source: Horizon 2020
Year: 2016
Coordinated by: Smart Innovasjon Østfold

Funding source: Horizon 2020
Year: 2016
Coordinated by: NTNU

Funding source: Horizon 2020
Year: 2016-2018
Coordinated by: Statens Byggeforskingsinstitut 
Finansed by: Smartgrids ERA-net

Framtidsbilder: Det norske lavutslippssamfunnet
Funding source: ENOVA
Year: 2016
Project leader: Carlo Aall, Vestlandsforsking

Markets - actors - technologies: A comparative analysis of smart grid solutions
Funding source: ERA-net Smartgrid plus
Year: 2015-2017
Project leader: Toke H. Christensen, Aalborg universitet
Total budget: NTNU: 5,3 mill NOK, whole consortium 14, 1 mill Nok 

Dissemination of scientific knowledge as a policy instrument in climate policy.
RCN/NORKLIMA 2011-2014
Project leader: Gøran Sundquist
Total budget: NOK 6 200 000

Bringing environmkental knowledge into action: Environmental knowledge management in Norwegian local governments (BREV).
Miljø2015 program 2014-2017
Project leader: Vivian Anette Lagesen
Total budget NOK 5 000 000

useITsmartly-Environmenal peer-to-peer education for youths with focus on smart use of Information and Communication Technologies.
IEE 2013-2016
Project leaders: Knut H. Sørensen and Robert Næss
Total budget: NOK 2 300 000

Crafting Climate Advisors-Developing Arenas for the Education of Craftsmen in the Face of Climate Transitions
Project leader: Jøran Solli
Total budget: NOK 187 000

Integrating households in the smart grid (IHSMAG).
ERA-NET 2012-2014
Project leader: Marianne Ryghaug
Total budget: EUR 1 148 810

Building markets, shaping policy?The role of economics in energy policy and energy use
RCN/RENERGI. 2007-2013
Project leader: Knut Holtan Sørensen
Total budget: NOK 3 368 00

Public acceptance of post carbon strategies
RCN/RENERGI 2009-2014
Project leader: Knut Holtan Sørensen
Total budget: NOK 8 891 000