Projects Including CenSES Research Partners

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Projects Including CenSES Research Partners

Norwegian Energy Road Map 2050
SINTEF Energy Research.
Project leader: Marte Fodstad
Project startup: 2016
Total budget: NOK 14 900 000

Day-Ahead Bidding with Multiple Short-Term Markets (MultiSharm)
Sintef Energy Research. 2015-2018
Project leader: Marte Fodstad
Total budget: NOK 18 000 000

Environmental Sustainability benchmarking of low-carbon energy technologies
RCN/RENERGI 2011-2015
Project leader: Edgar Hertwich
Total budget: NOK 2 954 000

NORSTRAT- Nordic electricity road map 2050: Strategic choices towards carbon neutrality
Nordic Energy Research 2011-2015
Project leader: Ingeborg Graabak
Total budget: NOK 14 384 156

NORD-STAR - Centre of excellence for Strategic adaption research
Nordforsk 2009-2012
Centre Director: Michael Goodside
Total budget: 35 000 000

Ecar - A strategy for electrification of road transport in Norway
Centre Director: Helge Seljeseth
Finansed by: The Energy Council of Norway, BKK Nett AS, Eidsiva Energi AS, Miljø Innovasjon AS, Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk og TrønderEnergi
Total budget: 35 000 000