CenSES Reports

CenSES Reports


  • Conditions for growth in the Norwegian offshore wind industry

Vindmøller til havs

Read the report here.


  • Solskinnslandet Norge: en reise mot 2050

Sol og solcellepanel på tak

Read the report here. (In Norwegian)










  • Eskeland, G. Leadership in Climate Policy: Is there a case for Early Unilateral Unconditional Emission Reductions?. Bergen: Norges Handelshøyskole. Institutt for Foretaksøkonomi 2013 34 s. Discussion Paper(6).
  • Fodstad, M. & Midthun, K. T., Egging, R. G. &Tomasgard, A. A Stochastic Programming Approach for the European Natural Gas Infrastructure Development. A24141. Trondheim: SINTEF Teknologi & samfunn 2013 (ISBN 9788214055870).
  • Morch, A.Z, Graabak, I. & Bakken, B.H.  Comparative analyses of Energy Scenarios: Survey of relevant scenario studies. SINTEF Project memo AN 12.12.42, Version 3, 2013-07-23.
  • Rosenberg, E. & Espegren, K. 2013, Future energy demand – a Norwegian overview, IFE/KR/E-2013/003.
  • Seljom, P. 2013. Modeling an ambitious climate constraint with ETSAP-TIAM, IFE/KR/F-2013/123.
  • Tomasgard, A., Skar, C. & et al. ZEP working group. CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) - Recommendations for transitional measures to drive deployment in Europe. Brussels: Zero Emission Platform 2013.
  • Weaver, T. & Steen, M. 2013, Rapport: Utviklingstrekk i den norske energiindustrien ZEP Market Economics report November 2013.



  • Flasnes, M. 2012. Assessment of a possible use of GCAM for Carbon Leakage studies in the Aluminium industry, Summer Student LinkS project, September 2012.
  • Huertas-Hernando, D. & Seljom P. M. S. 2012. Use of Integrated Assessment Models for Global Policy studies: GCAM & TIAM comparison, Draft Report November 2012.
  • Morch, A.Z. 2012. Comparative analyses of Energy Scenarios: Preliminary survey of relevant scenario studies, SINTEF Project memo, May 2012.
  • Rosenberg, E. & Espegren, K. 2012. Future energy demand – a Norwegian overview, Draft Report, November 2012.


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