User cases


User cases

Dam Presteinvatn i Sogn og Fjordane, Foto: Vegard Martinsen

Coordinator: Kjetil Midthun.

The user cases in CenSES bring together researchers across the defined Research Areas to address a specific research question or topic within a limited time frame (normally, 1 to 2 years). The chosen topic is decided upon together with the user partners in CenSES, and all user partners can suggest new user cases.

The user partners are also important in the work with the user case, as discussants, providers of input and information and as quality assurers. The end result of the user cases will be a Position Paper that will be made publicly available. Position Papers summarise the findings in the user cases and are written in a non-technical language. All content and conclusions in the papers will, however, be based on research conducted by the research partners in CenSES and other relevant research institutes.

When a Position Paper is launched, an open work shop will also be arranged where the main findings are presented and discussed. The user cases will in this way make sure that the user partners have a strong influence on the activity in the research centre, and that the topics are relevant for the user partners.