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The master thesis work is carried out in the last spring semester of your studies. You have 20 weeks to do the work (approx. 5 months including Easter vacation).

The thesis work is usually given in relation to current research projects at the department or to industrial projects in cooperation with industrial partners, however the thesis work may also be in the form of feasibility studies that will form the basis for new projects. Because of the close cooperation with SINTEF and PFI, researchers from these organizations often act as supervisors for the thesis work. From our industrial partners we receive each year several proposals for thesis work; sometimes with an additional offer for a summer job.


Starting the thesis work - the master contract

To start your thesis work, you must make an agreement with a supervisor at the department. The main supervisor must be employed at NTNU as a professor, associate professor or assistant professor. This also applies when the work is performed at a facility outside of NTNU. The department will give information about choosing a topic for your master thesis during the autumn semester.

To formally start your work on the thesis you need to register in DAIM (Digital archiving and submission of theses) and fill out the master contract. This contract must be signed by both the student and the main supervisor and then handed in at the department office by the 15th of January. A hazardous activity identification/ risk assessment form should be handed in together with the master contract (see below).

Suggested topics for master thesis projects spring 2015

Previously suggested topics for master thesis:


Hazardous activity identification and risk assessment

Before starting work on your thesis you must also do a hazardous activity identification (this applies also for work that is purely theoretical) and a risk assessment of all the activities identified in the hazardous activity identification process (not necessary for theoretical work). The hazardous activity identification/ risk assessment form is filled out in cooperation with your supervisor(s) and must be signed by the main supervisor. Questions on how to perform the risk assessment can be directed to the HSE-coordinator at the department, Gunn Torill Wikdahl. The completed and signed form is handed in at the department office together with your master contract.

Useful information concerning risk assessment:


Submitting the master thesis

The thesis must be submitted via DAIM, the same system that was used to write the master contract. The thesis is uploaded as a pdf file and then sent automatically for printing at the printing office. When the printing is complete, the printed copies are sent directly from the printing office to the department office. The department pays for mandatory printing of the thesis (three copies to the department and one for you).

More info about delivering and printing can be found on the DAIM webpage.

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