Specialization courses and projects


The projects are given within current research activity in the group or, in cooperation with faculty, in cooperation with exteral research insitutes or industry. The project work will include definition and limitation of the work to be performed, literature search in current literature, a time schedule for the project, experimental work and interpretation and reporting of results.

You can choose project sizes 15 (normally) or 7,5 sp, in the latter case, an additional topic of 7.5 stp has to be chosen, so that the total credits for the spesialization will be 22.5 stp. The size of the project is decided in cooperation with the supervisor for the project.


Specialization courses/projects are offered within the following areas:


The specialization course consists of 2 modules giving a total sum of 7.5 stp. Modules are chosen from this list. Topics from other departments may also be chosen provided the student obtains permission from the co-ordinator.

List of all project proposals fall 2015 is found here.

Overview of chosen projects in2012 ,2013 and 2014


Important dates


Early May Project proposals are made available for students.
May 12th 2015

Information meeting about choosing specialization project.

June 1rst 2015:

Deadline for choosing modules and project. Use this form. Hand it in to the student advisor at the Department office.

September 1st 2015 Deadline to make changes. Notify the student adviser about changes concerning the specialization course/modules.
Desember 2015:

Exam in the modules.

Oral exam. Time and place will be announced a few days ahead of the examination day.

December 2015


Deadline for the project report. Frontpage is found here.

The report must be binded and one copy handed in at the Department office no later than 15.30

December  2015 Oral presentation of the projects.


Fri, 13 Nov 2015 14:53:18 +0100

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