Work prospects


Candidates from the Chemical Engineering field usually do not have much difficulty in securing relevant work after they graduate. Since the education is useful in all types of chemical industry and consultancy, the job opportunities will not be so influenced by fluctuations in certain sectors.


Industry wishes to increase / expand interest in processing subjects within today's young people. It has therefore established a collaboration work forum (samarbeidsforum (SF)), which has put much energy in to recruitment of new candidates, in order supply a sufficient number of qualified workers in the future.


The department for Chemical Engineering has always had a very close and good cooperation with the chemical industry and many research institutions. It is this cooperation which allows us to offer our students excursions, summer jobs and not least, interesting dissertation projects within industry.


Examples of places to work are:

Most of the big companies are international and can offer exciting jobs outside Norway.

Oil Companies

Statoil, Hydro, Exxon-Mobil, Total, BP, ConocoPhillips, Chevron Texaco, Petrobras.

Petrochemical Industry

Borealis, Hydro, Statoil, Esso

Wood Processing Industry

Norske Skog, Borregaard, Hunsfos, M. Peterson, Södra Cell

Engineering Companies

Aker Kvaerner Group, ABB, UMOE

General Chemistry Industry

Hydro, Dynea, Borregaard, Norcem, Jotun, Reichhold, Akzo Nobel, Baker-Petrolite, Champion-Servo, Hercules, Nalco

Consultants and Contractor firms involved in environmental conservation

Det norske Veritas, ABB Miljø, Kværner Water Systems

Metallurgical Industry

Falconbridge, Elkem, Norzink, aluminiumsverk

Pharmaceutical Industry

Amersham Health, Collett, Dyno Particles, Dynal


Freia, Nora, Vinmonopolet, bryggerier, Mills, Norske Meierier, Orkla

Data Companies

IBM, Kongsberg-Simrad, Inenco, ABB Industri, ABB Teknologi

Apparatus Suppliers

Hydro, Stord-Bartz, Maritime Protection

Research Institutes


Governmental administration

The states pollution control, The directorate for fire and explosion prevention, The Norwegian petroleum directorate, Patent Office, The Health and Safety Executive

Higher Education

NTNU, The Engineering College


Gassco, Agents for apparatus and services, Patenting agencies