New anti-inflammatory compound


Plant Sclerochloa dura (common hardgrass, Fig. 1), according to unofficial statements, has been used in traditional medicine for tratment of menstrual disorders. Its, allegedly, very good effects and the fact that such disorders are very common in women population, were intriguing enough for us to start a project with a rather limited aim of obtaining an objective, scientific proof for such an activity.

In collaboration with the research group of prof. Berit Johansen from the Department of Biology, NTNU, the plant extract was tested for anti-inflammatory activity. It was found a remarkably high activity, justifying therewith its traditional use.


Sclerochloa dura


The promising initial results lead to launching a bioactivity-guided study with the aim of identifying compounds responsible for the exerted activity. So far 6 highly active compounds have been identified, among which one was new (Fig. 2).


Figure 2. The new anti-inflammatory compound


The project has been continued in two directions: synthesis of the new compound and search for other anti-inflammatory compounds in the remaining, highly active fractions.