Theoretical Chemistry PhD Position Available

Theoretical Chemistry PhD Position Available

There is one PhD position available within the Theoretical Chemistry research group. To apply for this position, the student should have completed their master's degree in a relevant study direction such as chemistry, physics, material science, chemical engineering, nanotechnology, computer science or similar relevant studies before the end of August 2023. An average grade of B or higher is required to participate, and exceptional scientific contributions such as having a peer-reviewed publication will also be considered. Social and presentation skills will be evaluated for those candidates that make the short list. Formal procedures for applying are given at website.

If you apply for the Theoretical Chemistry position, you need to find a supervisor who is willing to support your candidacy and who is willing to provide help in writing a research proposal. The research proposal together with the CV of the student will be sent out for evaluation.

It is important to contact the supervisor you would like to apply with as they have to provide a letter of commitment and will provide valuable input in how to write the proposal such that it fits into their research plans.

List of potential supervisors (click on the picture for contact details):