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Joint meeting of the Polish and Scandinavian-Nordic Sections of the Combustion Institute

September 6-7, 2018

Krakow, Poland

Two days meeting will hold in Centre of Energy AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow. Various aspects of combustion science and technology will be discussed by scientists and engineers from fundamental physical and chemical processes to applications, including chemical kinetics, laminar and turbulent flames, combustion diagnostics, coal and alternative fuels combustion, spray and droplet combustion, fires, detonations and explosions, materials synthesis, engine combustion and energy systems. The detail information are available here.


Nordic Flame days 2017

October 10- 11, 2017

Stockholm, Sweden

The Nordic Flame Days is the Nordic meeting point for everybody involved in combustion or combustion related processes. The Flame Days 2017 will take place in Stockholm and is a meeting arranged by the Swedish and Finnish National Committees of International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF) and the Scandinavian-Nordic Section of the Combustion Institute (CINS). The meeting also includes a CINS Topical meeting. Further details on the conference are available here.