Nidelven river in Trondheim. Photo: Mentz Indregaard/NTNU

CIUS Fall Conference 2018


Tuesday 27. November 2018

08.00 Registration & refreshments

09.00 – 11.30 Networking work shop for CIUS PhDs, Postdocs and researchers

With Sverre Haugen, Meyer-Haugen consulting

Pitch: What do you associate with networking? Forced conversations over a cup of coffee at a conference, or leaders landing the corner office job by knowing the right people? You need to reconsider! This mini seminar focus on what network building between people really is. The seminar provides perspectives on to how to build successful networks. You will get practical advice on how to build sustainable and fruitful relation with others at work and privately.

Biography: Sverre Haugen has been country manager for Nova, the largest top talent network for the Nordic countries.  In this job, he has supported recruitment to several of the largest business and enterprises in these countries. He also has several years of experience from Accenture, where he was main responsible for recruiting to Norway. Sverre Haugen has worked as a headhunter, IT consultant and programmer. In 2016 he published the book Jobbsøkerkoden. The book emphasizes the importance of understanding employer perspective and leveraging this when writing the application and communicating with the potential new employer. Sverre Haugen is a highly engaging speaker and effective communicator within recruitment, networking, motivation and communication.

11.30-12.15 Lunch

12.15-16.00 Deep learning (DL) and artificial intelligence (AI) in medical diagnosis and clinical practice

12.15- 12.45 Medical practice in 2050
PhD and Senior consultant Håkon Olav Leira, NTNU/St. Olavs Hospital and PhD Thomas Langø, Research director, SINTEF

12.45-13.15 Introduction to DL/AI methodology with examples from (ultrasound) imaging
Professor Lasse Løvstakken and Postdoc Erik Smistad, CIUS, NTNU

13.15-13.45 The Core of an AI Breakthrough: Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning
Professor Keith Downing, Department of Computer Science/Norwegian Open AI lab, NTNU

13.45-14.15 Refreshments - Break

14.15-14.45 Artificial Intelligence Augmentation: How A.I. can augment human cognition
PhD Karina Vold, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, Cambridge University

14.45-15.15 The IBM Watson medical imaging experience
Koen Van de Perre, Director, International EyeCare & Solution Mangagement, IBM Watson Health

15.15-15.45 Digital Twins and AI
Professor Frank Lindseth, Department of Computer Science/Norwegian Open AI lab, NTNU

15.45-16.00 Summary and Discussion

16.00 END Day 1 

19.00 CIUS dinner

  • Venue: Kraft Bodega, Brattørkaia 17B, 7010 Trondheim

Wednesday 28. Nov. 2018

08.00-08.30 Registration & refreshments

08.30-08.40 Opening and presentation of CIUS’ results for 2018, information about RCN’s midway evaluation of SFIs
Asta Håberg, CIUS

08.40-08.45 Introduction of ISB’s Ultrasound group’s new Innovation manager
Tormod Njølstad, NTNU

08.45-11.30 Cardiac flow session

08.45-09.15 Ultrasound based quantitative flow measurements in cardiology
Professor of cardiology Svend Aakhus, NTNU

09.15-09.40 3D HPRF Doppler in valvular heart disease
PhD students Erik Andreas Rye Berg, Stefano Fiorentini, Torvald Espeland and Researcher Jørgen Avdal, NTNU

09.40-10.00 Flow measurements in coronary bypass surgery
Erik Swendsen, CSO Medistim

10.00-10.15 Refreshments - Break

10.15-10.30 Comp. fluid dynamics in non-invasive coronary flow diagnosis
PostDoc Lucas Muller, Structural mechanics, NTNU

10.30-10.50 3D Intracardiac flow
PhD students Morten Wigen and Annichen Søyland Daae, NTNU

10.50-11.10 Improved methods for measuring and characterizing flow with ultrasound
PhD Bastien Denarie, GE vingmed

11.10-11.30 Flow behind steel casing
PhD students Anders Talberg and Cristiana Golfetto, NTNU

11.30 -12.30 Lunch

12.30-14.35 Underwater (acoustics) session

12.30-12.55 Multichannel transducer for use in high speed underwater acoustic communication
Jacob Hiden Rudander, KM/UiO

12.55-13.15 Increased performance with modulated transmission in swath sonar bathymetry
PhD student Antoine Blachet, UiO

13.15-13.40 Improving visualization in sonar with the right colour map
Researcher Roy Hansen, FFI/UiO

13.40-14.10 Refreshments - Break

14.10 -14.35 Piezocomposite ultrasound transducers
Associate professor Alan Hunter, University of Bath/UiO

14.35-15.35 Medical imaging session

15:35-14.55 Visualization of shear waves from time-harmonic ultrasound elastography
Postodoc Yücel Karabiyik, UiO

14.55-15.15 Dynamic range alterations in adaptive ultrasound beamforming
PhD student Ole Marius Hoel Rindal, UiO

15.15- 15.35 Studying the origin of reverberation noise in echocardiography
PhD student Ali Fatemi, NTNU

15.35-16.00 Updates and closing

15.35-15.45 Update on innovation in CIUS
Svein-Erik Måsøy, CISU industry liaisons, NTNU

15.45 Closing remarks
Eva Nilssen, CIUS Board director and Programme Manager GE Healthcare

16.00 Official programme adjourned 

16.00 – 16.45 CIUS corporate partner meeting

Corporate partner meeting to select the two corporate partner board members up for election, organized by Eva Nilsen, CIUS Board director and Programme Manager GE Healthcare

Thu, 22 Nov 2018 09:57:54 +0100