DMF – Decision Metrics and Finance

The mission of the DMF Theme is to build integrated competences, models, tools and mechanisms to provide the evidence informing systemic decision-making and realise the full potential of stakeholder to act against emissions and increase resilience. Decision-makers, investors and high-carbon consumers must acquire the confidence and commitment to climate action, unlocking finance and driving the climate relevant economy.

SLU - Sustainable Land Use

This theme aims to develop innovative tools and measures that enhance land use functions and their associated value chains in order to address climate mitigation and adaption issues. It focuses on agriculture and food value chains, on forestry and bio-economy value chains, on integrated territorial approaches. It ambitions to mobilise our diverse community of stakeholders to address climate issues affecting and resulting from land use, in order to overcome barriers, accelerate innovation and catalyse action that leads to high climate and socioeconomic benefits.

SPS - Sustainable Production Systems

The vision is: zero carbon value chains and zero waste systems in operation which are the future foundation of Europe’s industry. SPS theme mission is to catalyse the transition to a zero economy by seed-funding high-impact climate solutions, facilitating innovative cross-industry co-operation and supporting technological as well as unique business model innovation in regional clusters and value chains.

UT - Urban Transition

The aim is to develop integrated and scalable innovations that provide the core of the transformations towards liveable, zero carbon and resilient cities in Europe and beyond. To this end, Climate-KIC bring together innovators and key stakeholders in developing urban systems to demonstrate that ambitious innovation with high-socio-economic and climate benefits is possible. Climate-KIC will support scaling up these innovations.