Conference Programme

Conference Programme

Venue: Room D6, NTNU Campus Dragvoll

9:00-9:15: Welcome from the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Professor Anne Kristine Børresen, and Professor Tore T. Petersen

9:15-11:00 Panel I: The Balfour Declaration and the question of Israel's identity

Chair: Tore T. Petersen (NTNU)

  • Carly Beckerman (University of Durham): the Balfour Declaration
  • Colin Shindler (Emeritus School of Oriental and African Studies): the Balfour Declaration
  • Anette Storeide (NTNU): Israel as the 'state of a persecuted nation'? Yad Vashem and the shaping of national identity in Israel 

Comment: Ola Svein Stugu (NTNU)

Coffee: 11:00-11:15

11:15-13:00: Panel II. The Israeli Army and Israeli Intelligence today

Chair: Carine S. Germond  

  • Hanne Røislien (Norwegian Armed forces Cyber Defense): Israel's contemporary security regime
  • Adi Frimark (Bar Ilan University): Israeli POWs & MIAs and the Israeli Society

Comment: Clive Jones (University of Durham)

Lunch: 13:00-14:00

14:00-15:45: Panel III The Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia

Chair: Alan Craig (University of Leeds)

  • Clive Jones (University of Durham): Israel and the GCC states
  • Asher Orkaby (Harvard): Israel, Saudi Arabia and Yemen
  • Uzi Rabi (University of Tel Aviv): Israel and Iran

Comment: Simon Smith (University of Hull)

Coffee: 15:45-16:00

16:00-17:45: Panel IV Israel and Scandinavia and International Law

Chair Anette Storeide (NTNU)

  • Thomas Wegener Friis (University of Southern Denmark): Denmark and Israel
  • Jacob Eriksson (University of York): Sweden and Israel
  • Alan Craig (University of Leeds): Israel and International Law

Conference Dinner: 19:30

Venue: Room D6, NTNU Campus Dragvoll

9:00- 10:45: Panel V, Israel; the UK, the EU and the Palstinians

Chair: Tore T. Petersen

  • Raffaella Del Sarto (John Hopkins University and European University Institute): Israel and the EU
  • Simon Smith (University of Hull): Israel and the UK
  • Yossi Alpher (Former director, Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University): Israel and the Palstinians today

Comment: Carine S. Germond (NTNU)

Coffee: 10:45-11:00

11:00-12:45: Panel VI The United States and Israel

Chair: Clive Jones (University of Durham)

  • Lt.Col. Avital Leibovich (Director AJC Jerusalem): Israeli-US Relations 
  • General Ephraim Lapid (ret.): The Israeli Army and United States

Comment: Tore T. Petersen (NTNU)

Lunch: 12:45-14:00

Venue: Room D11, NTNU Campus Dragvoll

14:00-15:45: Panel VIII Israel, China and Israel's Periphery Doctrine

Chair: Simon Smith (University of Hull)

  • Yitzhak Shichor (University of Haifa): Israel and China
  • Jean-Loup Samaan (UAE and NATO Defense Colleges): Israel's Periphery Doctrine

Comment: Shlomo Shpiro (Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies)

Coffee: 15:45-16:00

16:00-17:00: Keynote speaker Ambassador Efraim Halevy

19:00 Conference dinner