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Coronavirus - policies and procedures

Coronavirus - policies and procedures

Cautious reopening of campus

From 27 April some master’s students and staff in recruitment positions who are in the final phase of their work and who depend on using physical infrastructure to complete their projects may return to the campus.

Cautious reopening of NTNU by 25 May. On 7 May, the government gave new signals that universities may now begin to open up to some extent. Those who need access to our premises to maintain the progress of their studies, will gradually be able to return to the campus.

Mandatory course in infection prevention for students and employees at NTNU:

Libraries open a limited number of student workplaces from 19 May.

Reading rooms for bachelor-students available from 18 May.

See guidelines for the use of campus.

Autumn semester 2020: NTNU will facilitate campus attendance with a combination of digital lectures, group activities and academic meetings.

Working from home and need someone to talk to

Trenger du noen å snakke med? Foto: Colourbox

Need someone to talk to?

about stress, anxiety, how to structure your days, sleep, loneliness or other topics?

Employees: Contact NTNU's occupational health services.

Students: Talk to one of Sit's advisers or nurses.

Teaching and exams


All home exams spring 2020 go as planned.

There will be no exams with physical attendance on campus in spring 2020.

Re-sit exams in August 2020 will be held online, without physical attendance on campus.

Look up your course



Exam office
Contact us by phone 73 59 66 00 or email

Lectures and teaching

All teaching is to take place digitally during the spring semester of 2020.

Communication about change in teaching and examination form is primarily to take place in Blackboard, or in another channel used in connection with teaching.

Employees: Recommendations, tips and help to get started with online teaching.

Online teaching courses

Student exchanges

Student exchanges to all countries, including Europe, have been cancelled

International students

Autumn 2020: Digitally lectures for the first semester.

Students and employees abroad

Travel and events


All business travels shall be cancelled

All business trips are cancelled. All travel by public transport is discouraged, unless it is strictly necessary in order to get to work.

Everyone who returns from abroad, regardless of country, are subject to 10 days home quarantine, even if you tested negative on a corona test.

See also Reimbursements for corona-canceled travel and events.

Travel into or out of Norway for students and employees:

Students abroad

International exchange students

Student exchange autumn semester 2020 and/or spring 2021

Employees abroad

International employees


All events on campus are cancelled this spring semester.

Updates on this is expected 18 May.

Daily operations and closed facilities

Daily operation of NTNU

  • All front doors on NTNU's campus are locked and you need to use your own access card to get into the building. Use a glove or your sleeve when you enter the code.
  • Students shall not stay on campus.
  • As a main rule, employees should work from home.
  • Employees and students in risk groups should NOT come to their workplace. When in doubt, check with your immediate supervisor.
  • As a rule, use digital meeting platforms.
  • Address all questions regarding the buildings to e-custodian or email or tel. 73 59 54 15 (08:00–15:00).
  • Cleaning, maintenance, post and transport.


Status on which Sit services are closed or open


From 19 May, the libraries have a limited offer to students regarding the use of workplaces, delivering and retrieving books.

Use the libraries' digital services.

Highly needed printed material may be requested via Oria.

Loans are extended automatically. Reminders will not be issued.



Advice and measures for all

Advice and measures for all

  • To what extent should I keep a distance to other people?
  • Practise hand hygiene – use hand sanitizers when hand washing is not possible. Hand washing is the more efficient of the two.
  • Good habits for coughing and sneezing: Use a paper tissue in front of your mouth and nose, or cough/sneeze into the crook of your elbow.
  • Avoid contact with people who are ill.
  • Ensure proper food hygiene.

All employees and students are encouraged to follow advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Corona measures

Contact information

Latest news

Latest news

Re-sit exams in August will be online without physical attendance
20 May

Student exchanges to all countries, including Europe, have been cancelled
20 May

Mandatory course in infection prevention for students at NTNU
19 May

Libraries open a limited number of student workplaces from 19 May
19 May

Reading rooms for bachelor-students available from 18 May
15 May

Cautious reopening of NTNU by 25 May at the latest
8 May

Books and other borrowed items can now be returned
8 May

Infection control
4 May

Guideline for cleaning procedures after COVID-19 infection is confirmed in people who have visited NTNU’s premises
24 April

Guidelines for necessary work in laboratories and workshops
20 April

Guidelines for physical attendance on campus
20 April

Assessment factors to help the appointment authority decide on extensions due to the coronavirus pandemic for PhD candidates employed at NTNU
17 April

Most NTNU students and staff must still work from home offices
7 April

'It's safe to use Zoom - but you should update your software ASAP
3 April

All teaching is to take place digitally during the spring semester
1 April

All events, meetings and conferences scheduled for the spring semester have been cancelled
31 March

Guidelines for fieldwork
30 March

Consequences for Horizon 2020
30 March

Changes in the PhD Regulations due to the coronavirus
25 March

A new work arrangement – working from home
25 March

Information from the Campus Services Division about operational services
24 March

Guidelines for necessary work in laboratories
20 March

The Research Council postpones deadlines
20 March

How students can be reimbursed for travel expenses after returning home from abroad
19 March

Reimbursements for corona-canceled travel and events
18 March

Use of PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows for teaching
18 March

Guidelines governing physical presence on campus
18 March

Registration of additional costs related to the corona outbreak
16 March

All students abroad should return home, but NTNU will still help you if you choose to stay (pdf) 
16 March

Assistance in returning to Norway for students and employees
15 March

Strongly recommend students and staff abroad to return home
14 March

Information to international exchange students
15 March

Guidelines for online teaching
15 March

Change of assessment form
14 March

Guidelines for absence, home office, handling of operations at NTNU etc.
14 March

The guidelines have been drawn up on the basis of our main objective for our handling of the incident

The guidelines have been drawn up on the basis of our main objective for our handling of the incident: Reduce the spreading of the infection.

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