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Coronavirus - policies and procedures

Coronavirus - policies and procedures

Campus is closed

Campus is closed

Campus will remain closed for students and employees. See guidelines for the use of campus.

Note: The main rule is still: work from home.

All events, meetings and conferences scheduled for the spring semester have been cancelled (01.04.2020)

Students and employees abroad

Students and employees

Advice and information to students and employees regarding their travel into or out of Norway.

Students abroad 
Updated 17 March

International exchange students 
Published 15 March 17:10

Employees abroad 
Updated 14 March 22:00

International employees
Published 18 March 16:40

Mobilization of students

NTNU is requested to send lists of health science students to the Directorate of Health for use in mobilizing health personnel.

The Ministry of Education and Research emphasizes that it is important even during this crisis that education of health personnel follow normal progression. Our most important contribution to the health care services right now is to ensure that our students graduate without delays in the spring of 2020.

Further clarification and updates related to study progression, facilitated practical training, mobilization and exams, are provided by the individual study program. Follow the Blackboard channel for each study program. (Updated 17 March 18:15).

18 Mar 2020

Teaching and exams


Home exams spring 2020 go as planned.

No exams with physical attendance on campus in spring 2020

Changes in exams


Lectures and teaching

Lectures on campus cancelled
All teaching is to take place digitally during the spring semester of 2020. 

Online teaching courses
Online course offerings have been set up throughout week 12 for teachers wanting an introduction to how to use Blackboard Collaborate to do real-time education for students.

02 Apr 2020

Practical training periods


All business travels shall be cancelled

All business trips are cancelled. All travel by public transport is discouraged, unless it is strictly necessary in order to get to work.

Everyone who returns from abroad, regardless of country, are subject to 14 days home quarantine, even if you tested negative on a corona test.

See also Reimbursements for corona-canceled travel and events.

Practical training →

If you are unable to attend practical training, or have to cancel due to coronavirus, you will be given the opportunity for new practical training.

More about practical training for students in teacher education and students in medicine, health and social studies.

25 Mar 2020

Daily operations and closed facilities

Daily operation of NTNU

  • All front doors on NTNU's campus are locked and you need to use your own access card to get into the building. Use a glove or your sleeve when you enter the code.
  • Students shall not stay on campus.
  • As a main rule, employees should work from home.
  • Employees and students in risk groups should NOT come to their workplace. When in doubt, check with your immediate supervisor.
  • As a rule, use digital meeting platforms.
  • Address all questions regarding the buildings to e-custodian or email or tel. 73 59 54 15 (08:00–15:00).
  • Cleaning, maintenance, post and transport.

Closed facilities

Use the libraries' digital services 

More information from the library.

Self-service and use of the physical collections is closed and physical material will not be handed out. Books cannot be handed in, but lending time will be prolonged continously and reminders will not be issued.

Questions? Contact

Exam office
You can contact us by phone 73 59 66 00 or email

Status on which Sit services are closed or open

Precautionary advice

Precautionary advice

  • To what extent should I keep a distance to other people?
  • Practise hand hygiene – use hand sanitizers when hand washing is not possible.
  • Good habits for coughing and sneezing: Use a paper tissue in front of your mouth and nose, or cough/sneeze into the crook of your elbow.
  • Avoid contact with people who are ill.
  • Ensure proper food hygiene.

All employees and students are encouraged to follow advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

23 Mar 2020

Corona measures

Contact information

The guidelines have been drawn up on the basis of our main objective for our handling of the incident

The guidelines have been drawn up on the basis of our main objective for our handling of the incident: Reduce the spreading of the infection.

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