Contact information

Corona virus: Policies and procedures

Contact information

Contact information

HSE section


Students and staff at the MH faculty


Qustions regarding the buildings

Address all questions regarding the buildings to e-custodian or email or tel. 73 59 54 15 (08:00–15:00).

Students abroad

If you are not sure which faculty you belong to, you can first ask the NTNU Office of International Relations:

Students who need someone to talk to

Students can book a call with Sit if they have questions or need somebody to talk to in this extraordinary situation.

Press contacts

Press contacts

Siv Anniken Røv | Phone: 95160001

Anne Katharine Dahl | Phone: 91897555

Karianne Oldernes Tung | Phone: 90650856

For experts on coronavirus related themes, see NTNU's expert list 



Information about the corona virus from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health

The Norwegian Directorate of Health about measures to be taken

Helsenorge's information about the corona virus

Information material that can be downloaded

Municipality of Trondheim

Telephone: 90 50 90 52
(Monday–Friday 07:00–19:00)

Do you suspect that you may be infected?

Call your general practitioner. If you cannot reach your doctor, call the emergency room at 116117.

Norwegian Institute of Public Health

If you cannot find the information you are searching for on the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's webpages, call 815 55 015 (workdays 08:00–18:00, weekends 10:00–16:00).