Employees abroad

Corona virus: Policies and procedures

Employees abroad

Employees abroad

Updated 20 March 10:35

Employees outside Norway are urged to come home

NTNU's management has strongly urged employees abroad to return home, in line with advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Let us know what you will do

NTNU will help you as best we can in this demanding situation, with organizing return travel and other practical issues.

Contact us via your faculty, using the email addresses below. NTNU wish to hear from ALL employees abroad, and from those who have recently return from a stay abroad. 

Contact addresses to the faculties:  

Anyone who is on sabbatical can also contact NIRS: korona@hr-hms.ntnu.no

To consider

The right choice depends on the country and situation you're in:

  • If you are on a short-term visit abroad that, for example, will last a few weeks, you must return home as soon as possible.
  • If you are in a country without good health coverage/infrastructure, or you do not have adequate insurance policies, it is not defensible to stay where you are. Return home urgently.
  • If you have temporarily moved abroad for a longer stay, such as a sabbatical, my main advice is still that you should travel home. If you want to stay where you are, after considering your individual situation and factors such as the country’s health services, your health insurance and the country’s stability and infrastructure in general, please notify your line manager of this. Your manager can also give you advice in this assessment.
  • If you are ill, you should stay where you are.
  • Evaluate your own health. are you in the risk group for coronavirus?
  • If you choose to stay, make sure you are well covered by health insurance.
  • Concider your social network where you stay.

Avoid getting "Corona-stuck"

  • Concider that many countries are now closing their borders.
  • If possible, avoid routes that may lead to you getting stuck in a country where the conditions are worse and where the risk of infection is greater than the place where your are now.
  • There may be special conciderations to take if you, or your accompanying family members, do not have a permanent residence in Norway or have a residence card. For more information, see the The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and www.ntnu.edu/corona/international-employees   

Coverage of your return travel

  • NTNU will cover possible extra travel costs connected to your return travel.
  • If you are on a privat travel abroad, you must use your private insurance to cover your expences.
  • If you choose to come back, and you have rented out your house in Norway, and therefore have nowhere to stay in quarantine, or if you are anxious of posing a threat of infection to your family members who are in a risk group, NTNU can cover costs connected to finding another place to stay in quarantine. 

Economic principles

  • For employees who interrupt the stay abroad, the mobility grant will initially be stopped, but the employee will be covered for ongoing expenses, so that the employees will not suffer financially. Each case will be considered separately.
  • Employees who receive mobility grant or grant from other sources must contact the provider directly for more information on how to handle the grant. 

Organize your travel home

Out advice is to try and find a route home. NTNU has an agreement with the travel agency Berg-Hansen that can assist you in ordering tickets. Contagt the agency on billbest.trondheim@berg-hansen.no. Use “Ref. NTNU” in the subject field. Telephone: +47 22 00 80 50. 

If you choose to stay

If even with the assistance of Berg Hansen, you cannot find a safe route to travel home, you must contact your faculty.

If there are special reasons for not returning to Norway, NTNU will follow up if you fall ill. If this is the case, it must be agreed with your faculty as soon as possible.

If you choose to stay, depite the possibility of returning home to Norway via a safe route, NTNU as employer will follow you up. This can have financial consequences for those who choose to stay and are not properly insured.

Contact your insurance company to confirm that you are covered by your travel insurance under these special circumstances.

We encourage everybody who continue their stay abroad to register on reiseregistrering.no. Here your can get information about the situation in the country you stay in.

Need for support

Contact the Norwegian service mission where you are staying if you need co consular assistance, e.g. challenges pertaining to travel home, travel documents and visa. NTNU has an agreement with the Norwegian Church Abroad (Sjømannskirken), which means that you can contact them for help and assistance. the Norwegian Church Abroad has a useful app with all local emergency numbers, wherever you may be. 

Employees with non-Norwegian citizenships who are travelling to Norway

Employees with non-Norwegian citizenships are in danger of not being allowed to enter into Norway.

For newly employed staff, including Ph.Ds and guest scientists, who are still at their home address abroad:

  • Those who do not need to come to Norway, must not travel to Norway now, but continue to live in their respective countries even if they should have started their work in Norway according to their contract. This group do in reality work from home, and need to clarify with their line manager how the work should be carried out.
  • Those who do need to come to Norway now due to the lack of a place to live, health insurance, connection to home country/country of residence or similar cases, can travel to Norway as long as the borders are open. This should be done in close contact with the employer.
  • NTNU will pay wages from the date agreed upon in the contract.

For staff who are already employed at NTNU, who has a non-Norwegian citizenship and who are abroad due to sabbatical leave, courses/conferences, private travel etc:

  • This group can meet problems when trying to enter Norway, and must contact their line manager who together with the faculty and the administration will search for individual solutions. It is important to document your working relationship and residential address in Norway. 

International employees

Contact information

Berg-Hansen travel agency will help you home

Berg-Hansen travel agency will help you home

NTNU’s travel agency partner Berg-Hansen can help students and employees who are outside Norway. The travel agency has extra staff to help you book or speed up your return journey to Norway.

The easiest way to contact Berg-Hansen is to use their website and app. A link to the website is available at the topic page "Travel"on Innsida.

Alternatively, you can email billbest.trondheim@berg-hansen.no. Use "Ref. NTNU" in the subject line.

The email recipients are contacts for NTNU, but please be aware that it might take a few hours for you to get a reply because of the high volume of enquiries.

Berg-Hansen’s chat service is closed and there are long waiting times for phone calls.

Return journeys and insurance

Return journeys will be covered

Because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged all Norwegian citizens who are travelling abroad to consider returning home as soon as possible, extra costs for your return journey can be covered either by the travel company, or by your travel insurance.

NTNU has also guaranteed that the university will cover other additional costs. This applies to work-related travel, research visits and study abroad organized through NTNU. The university does not cover the costs of return journeys after personal travel.

Check your insurance

Employees who are on a work/study trip organized through NTNU and who have charged more than 50% of their travel expenses to a Eurocard corporate credit card have travel insurance through Tryg travel insurance.

Further details about funding of return journeys will probably be clear on Monday.

You can find more information about the insurance scheme with Tryg insurance at their web pages (Only in Norwegian).