Exchange students

Corona virus: Policies and procedures

Exchange students

Covid-19: Information for potential and current exchange students. 

International exchange students 2021

Potential international exchange students

International exchange students 2021

Information for potential exchange students applying to come to NTNU in the spring semester of 2021. 

 Published 30 June

How to apply for the spring semester 2021 

We remain hopeful we will be able to welcome exchange students in the spring semester of 2021.

Students who have been nominated by their home university will receive further information about how to apply. NTNU will accept nominations from partner universities from 15 June until 15 September.

Training practice/placements at the Faculty of Medicine and Health 

All student exchange stays (incoming and outgoing) at the Faculty of Medicine and Health that involves training practice/placements in the health services during Spring 2021 is cancelled. This applies to practical studies, field studies, clinical teaching, internship, and similar arrangements that the departments at the faculty have established for student mobility.

Other student mobility (incoming and outgoing) at MH will follow central guidelines at NTNU which are being prepared.

Student housing

Unfortunately, we will have limited student housing availability in the spring semester and we will not be able to guarantee student housing for new students. This means that students might have to find private housing on their own. More information about this will be given later to accepted students.