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Corona virus: Policies and procedures

Exchange students

Dear international exchange student,

Corona virus: Policies and procedures

Dear international exchange student,

Below is some important information from the Office of International Relations regarding the Corona-virus outbreak:

 Published 15 March 17:10

Where to find information?

Check NTNU’s website regularly for updated information.

As you may be aware of, the Norwegian government has now issued a set of new measures to be taken for everyone staying in Norway.

It is very important that you familiarize yourself and abide by these rules and regulations – pay particular attention to the fact that you are strongly advised to stay at home as much as possible and limit contact with other people even if you have no symptoms of illness. Detailed information is available on

Do you have symptoms?

If you have respiratory or any flu-like symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, cough or fever you must stay indoors and keep to yourself.

Do not contact a doctor or the hospital if you are only experiencing mild respiratory symptoms, but stay at home and avoid contact with others until at least one day after your symptoms have disappeared. If you have serious symptoms contact your doctor or the hospital on 116117. For life-threatening illness, call 113.

Do not go to the hospital or the doctor’s office without having called them first.

Thinking about leaving Norway?

The airports in Norway have not closed and it is possible for foreign citizens to travel back home. You must decide for yourself what you want to do. Students who want to leave Norway must update themselves on travel restrictions/ border control in their own countries. Information about what to do with housing contracts for students leaving now will be given later.

Decided to stay in Norway?

If you choose to stay in Trondheim, you must adhere to the measures and regulations listed above. NTNU is currently working on establishing digital education as well as alternative solutions for exams, and information about this will be posted on

We will cooperate with your home universities and try to find solutions regarding your educational plans.

NTNU and SiT are working together to take care of our students as best we can. Students can call Sit if they have questions about student life or need somebody to talk to in this extraordinary situation Sit Trondheim | Sit Gjøvik | Sit Ålesund.

Currently travelling outside Norway?

If you are currently travelling outside of Norway on a private trip, you must decide what you want to do in terms of returning to Norway. You will be allowed back into the country despite stricter border control, as everyone who have a valid reason to stay in Norway will be allowed to enter the country.

However, please note that if you return to Norway from another country you will have to stay quarantined for 14 days immediately after your arrival here.

In practical training or an internship?

Finally and very importantly: Exchange students who are at NTNU for practical training or internships in a health-related area such as Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medicine etc. must contact their host Faculty as soon as possible for instructions.

Further information

We will try to keep you informed as much as we can, but please make sure you read the information posted on the websites mentioned above – the situation changes rapidly and information is updated frequently.

You are also welcome to contact us by phone or email, but please note that we are currently receiving a lot of inquiries from students and answers may be slightly delayed.

Best regards,

The Office of International Relations, NTNU