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Corona virus: Policies and procedures

Students abroad

Advice and information to students abroad

The corona pandemic is developing rapidly and we are in a serious and increasingly unpredictable situation. Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) has therefore advised all Norwegian citizens travelling abroad to consider returning home as soon as possible (only available in Norwegian) in consultation with their travel agency or airline.

Recommend that you travel home to Norway

In line with the advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs NTNU strongly recommend that all NTNU students who are outside Norway return home.

This applies regardless of country.

Please reply urgently to tell us what you are thinking of doing, to one of the addresses listed under the section "Reply to NTNU". This is especially important if you have changed your mind during the past few days.

We will help you as best we can in this demanding situation, both with organizing your home journey and with other practical challenges.

If you need consular assistance, for example if you are facing challenges in travelling home or with travel documents and visas, contact the Norwegian foreign service mission where you are.

NTNU also has an agreement with Sjømannskirken, the Norwegian Church Abroad, which allows you to get help from them. Sjømannskirken has a useful app with an overview of all local emergency numbers, wherever you are in the world. The app is free and you can find it by searching for "sjømannskirken" or "nødnummer" (emergency number) in your app store.

Note that everyone who arrives in Norway from abroad will be quarantined for 14 days.

When is it best to stay where you are?

If you are ill, you should stay where you are. If you are an international master’s student and you are in your home country (for example, doing fieldwork), you should stay where you are.

If you choose to stay, you will still receive close follow-up from NTNU in Norway. As far as we can, we will help you so that you can safely stay where you are. Contact your insurance company to make sure that your insurance policy covers you under these exceptional circumstances.

Avoid getting stuck on the way home

When you plan your return journey, it is important to keep in mind that many countries have now closed their borders. On the way home to Norway, some of you may also need to connect from one flight to another in places with a higher risk of infection than where you are now, and there may be a real danger of being stuck at an airport.

Coverage of return journey

Because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged all Norwegian citizens who are travelling abroad to consider returning home as soon as possible, extra costs for your return journey can be covered either by the travel company, or by your travel insurance. Check the rights included with your travel insurance policy.

NTNU has also guaranteed that the university will cover other additional costs. This applies to work-related travel, research visits and study abroad organized through NTNU. The university does not cover the costs of return journeys after personal travel.

Students on exchange who don't have the funds to pay for their journey home can book the trip via Berg Hansen and the invoice will be sent to NTNU.

Loans and grants will not stop

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen) will continue paying loan and grant funding to students who must return home because of the coronavirus situation. The Ministry of Education and Research will change the regulations on funding for education so that those who, due to the coronavirus, cannot be physically present at the educational institution abroad will still have the right to loans and grants. Follow the Loan Fund's website for updated information.

Recognition of exchange visits

Many of you have concerns about how you can complete your semester and get recognition for it when you cancel your exchange visit. NTNU will make arrangements for specific recognition of studies in a flexible way.

In addition, the university where you are studying abroad may offer digital education that you can follow. We will also make arrangements for students to be granted delayed registration for courses at NTNU.

Reply to NTNU

We ask everyone who receives this email to reply to your faculty (see contact addresses below) about the status of your stay and what plans you have for returning home, or for staying where you are. We also ask you to reply if you are staying in Norway when you receive this email.

Contact us via the faculty you belong to at the following addresses:

Note: Calls must be made during NTNU working hours 08:00–15:45 (Norwegian time)

If you are not sure which faculty you belong to, you can first ask the NTNU Office of International Relations:

Please note that NTNU's physical campuses in Norway are closed until further notice. Keep up to date on the practical implications of this at

Contact information

Information to international exchange students

Housing for returned students

Housing for returned students

Student housing for Norwegian exchange students who now come home:

Sit wants to help students who, due to the corona crisis, now come home to Norway and are without housing. Students who have been sent home from UNIS in Svalbard are also covered by the offer.

Submit an application for housing at and mark the application «Norwegian exchange student», and we will ensure prompt case processing.

If you have any questions about this, call Sit Bolig on tel. 735 38 620.

Refund for travel expenses

Refund for travel expenses

Students can be reimbursed for travel expenses after returning home from abroad.

Students who have spent their own money in order to return home from abroad in connection with the coronavirus, may be eligible for a refund.

Read about what you can be refunded for and how to apply.

Berg-Hansen travel agency will help you home

Berg-Hansen travel agency will help you home

NTNU’s travel agency partner Berg-Hansen can help students and employees who are outside Norway. The travel agency has extra staff to help you book or speed up your return journey to Norway.

The easiest way to contact Berg-Hansen is to use their website and app. A link to the website is available at the topic page "Travel"on Innsida.

Alternatively, you can email Use "Ref. NTNU" in the subject line.

The email recipients are contacts for NTNU, but please be aware that it might take a few hours for you to get a reply because of the high volume of enquiries.

Berg-Hansen’s chat service is closed and there are long waiting times for phone calls.