DARIAH-EU initiative at NTNU

NTNU is a cooperating partner of the DARIAH-EU network.

This means that NTNU researchers can engage in all activities (Working Groups, Virtual Competence Centres, Conferences and Workshops) organized by DARIAH.

Follow this link to read more about DARIAH-EU. Or, see here for a list of DARIAH-EU partners.

For updates about DARIAH-EUregister for their newsletter or follow @DARIAHeu on twitter.

We also recommend to request a DARIAH account to access internal information. You can request an account by pressing "login" on the top right corner of the DARIAH web page, and then clicking "request an account".


ERCIM - The European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics 

ERCIM News issue 111 (September 2017) is a special report on Digital Humanities. On page 24 there is an article about DARIAH-EU. Download the ERCIM News 111 here.