How to engage with DARIAH-EU


You can engage in DARIAH-EU by joining one of the many Working Groups that carry out the work in the network.

The main list of Working Groups can be found at

Step 1 - The best way to learn more about the DARIAH-EU network is to subscribe to their newsletter and follow DARIAH-EU on Twitter.

Step 2 - To engage with DARIAH-EU through their Working Groups (list of WGs), you need a DARIAH account. Note that it is also possible to suggest new Working Groups.

Step 3 - Go to, click on "LOG IN" in the top right corner.

Step 4 - Now you should see a page asking for "Name" and "Password", to the right, you can "Request an Account"

Step 5 - A page should appear asking for your details.

- In the "E-Mail"-field, make sure to use your

- In the "Organisation"-field, type NTNU.

- in the "initial group"-field, choose DARIAH.

- Fill out the necessary information and Captcha.

- click on "Request Account".

Step 6 - When you have recieved your DARIAH account, you can log in to the internal DARIAH wiki. The wiki is available from -> Click SERVICE on the top menu, and find DARIAH wiki.