Training and Recruitment


The work group for Training and Recruitment shall promote recruitment of talented young researchers to the Digital Life mission; create an environment for excellent PhD training; and help further career development on the post-doctoral level. For all three goals, there will be a strong focus on recruitment, training and career development of female researchers.


Promoting science based on convergence in line with the Digital Life mission is challenging, intellectually as well as culturally. It requires that talented researchers are given opportunities to explore new horizons and embark on challenging scientific and societal problems, perhaps at the risk of failure. In addition, they will meet the intellectual challenge of scientific work in true transdisciplinary research groups, integrating knowledge across boundaries. Thus, Digital Life will invest in talented, creative and risk-willing individuals who will set the agenda for Biotechnology research and innovation in the coming decades.


Education and training is a critical criterion for the success of Digital Life. An important task for WG3 is to run a national “DL Norway PhD School”, and the PhD training will be coordinated with other existing national PhD schools. Other important tasks are to increase the internationalization of the education and training on all levels, and to contribute to success in European Research Council (ERC) starting grant funding of the most talented researchers.











Group leader

Olav Haraldseth, NTNU


Phone:  (+47) 72 82 80 40 / 98 46 89 40


Research School Coordinator

Liv Eggset Falkenberg


Phone: (+47) 91 82 91 87



Laila Berg


Phone: (+47) 73 41 21 09