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Isabel Rodriguez Ortiz

Isabel Rodriguez Ortiz

Isabel R. Rodríguez-Ortiz is a Lecturer at the University of Seville. She obtained her degree and Ph.D. degree in Psychology at the University of Seville (1992, 2002). Since 1998, she has been Associate Professor at the same University, but has also taught at the Universidad de Huelva, at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, the Universidad de Cadiz and the Universidad de Valladolid.


Her field of research is deafness and sign language, and her current research interests are focused on two issues, namely, (1) reading comprehension in typical and atypical population, such as children with deafness, children with autism spectrum disorder, children with language impairment, and poor comprehenders, (2) language impairment and (3) bimodal and unimodal bilingualism.


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