the Department of Electric Power Engineering

About the Department

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The Department of Electric Power Engineering is among the international leaders for teaching and research within its field. Strong-point areas include energy technology, energy consumption and energy planning.

The Department contributes to research and teaching at graduate (master's) and doctoral (PhD) levels within its field. As a result, it makes a significant contribution to developing new methods and new technology for efficient and environmentally friendly energy systems.

The Department has a key role in the development of the interdisciplinary Energy and Environment engineering programme at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The Department with partners have made this into a high quality professional programme that is tailored to the needs of Norwegian energy utilities and industry.

A major research objective is the further development of environmentally friendly electrical energy technology.

The Department has a range of up-grading and post-graduate courses that cover the key disciplines. These courses are used for systematic staff updating by both energy supply companies and industry.