Department of electric power engineering

Power Systems

Research areas

  • Smart metering, integration of renewable energy sources and electric vehicles
  • Microgrids
  • Active Distribution system planning (including reliability and asset management)
  • Active distribution system state estimation and operation
  • Wide area monitoring and control
    The activity is concentrated around deployment and application of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) to improve operation of power systems. It deals with monitoring, protection and control in system wide perspective.
  • Laboratory implementation of PMUs and IT infrastructure as a platform for application developments
  • Development of applications for state estimation and on-line stability monitoring (power oscillation damping and voltage stability)
  • Development of coordinated control schemes to enhance power transmission capabilities.
  • Risk based planning and operation
    This activity aims at developing the operational criteria and reliability framework for transmission system planning and operation in the future paradigm. Possible (on-going or planned) research tasks include:
  • Development of new reliability and security criteria and risk indices
  • Development of new methods and tools for on-line security assessments
  • Efficient algorithms for large scale transmission planning models
  • Integration of market and network models
  • Probabilistic tools
  • Managing high impact low probability events
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