Research at the Department of Electric Power Engineering

The Department contributes to research and teaching at graduate (master's) and doctoral (PhD) levels within its field. As a result, it makes a significant contribution to developing new methods and new technology for efficient and environmentally friendly energy systems.

The Department has a key role in the development of the interdisciplinary Energy and Environment engineering programme at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The Department with partners have made this into a high quality professional programme that is tailored to the needs of Norwegian energy utilities and industry.

A major research objective is the further development of environmentally friendly electrical energy technology.

Research Groups

Power Technology

Power electronics, Electrical machines, Motor drives, Modelling and calculations of over-voltages, Components, Insulation materials, Cable technology, Life-cycle costs, Condition based maintenance, Economical utilization of electrical power components, Lightning technology 

Power Systems

Smartgrids, Offshore grid, Hydro power and markets

PhD Studies

The PhD programme in Electric power engineering is standardized to 180 credits (3 years). The final plan for the PhD programme is designed in consultation with the candidate, the supervisor and department depending on the subject area for the thesis and the candidate's needs and preferences.

Vacant positions at NTNU


Power Technology:
Group leader, Professor Hans Kristian Høidalen

Power Systems:
Group leader, Professor Kjetil Uhlen

Main research projects

Strategic Research Area


The department has access to a broad spectrum of advanced, scientific equipment: