Background and activities

I'm professor of English language at the Department of Language and Literature at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. I defended my PhD thesis on Paul Grice's Cooperative Principle, in 2002. Since then, I made a detour via sociolinguistics before ending up with a specialism within translation studies, which is where I currently do most of my work within teaching and research.

I am currently head of the department's English section.

Research interests:

  • English as a global (source) language
  • The ontology of translation 
  • Translation and language change
  • Translation as communication - educational, discourse analytical and socio-political perspectives
  • Translation of pragmatic phenomena (e.g. humour, politeness, swearing)
  • Song translation


I supervise MA and PhD theses within the abovementioned areas (and other areas). Here's a list of some of the MA theses I have supervised: If you have an idea for a project, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Currently, I'm co-editing an anthology, together with colleagues from the University College of Østfold, the University of Helsinki, and the Ionian University in Corfu. The anthology is provisionally entitled Song Translation Studies: Lyrics in Context(s).

A second currently active, international collaboration project has ties all the way to the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu. Together with Professor Lucía Aranda at the School of Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas I'm working on a project entitled Social-media quotes in news texts and their translations.

Previous projects I have taken part in include Voices of Translation: Rewriting Literary Texts in a Scandinavian Context (UiO), co-editorship of the book Textual and Contextual Voices of Translation, and of a special issue of Perspectives


I'm a member of IATIS (International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies), and of the editorial board of Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice.

Translation projects:

In 2012 I released a CD with my own translations into Norwegian of a selection of songs from Billie Holiday's reportoire (Eg vandrar langs kaiane, Øra Fonogram). In 2018 I released a second CD containing translations of English-language, Norwegian pop-songs into Norwegian (Løgn og forbannet gjendiktning, Øra Fonogram). Both are available in iTunes, and on YouTube.

Popular dissemination:

In addition to publishing articles for a broader audience in the daily press, appearing on radio and giving talks at various kinds of event (see CRIStin), I sometimes publish short articles on my blog, on the broad topic of 'English in Norway' (in Norwegian). I also produce content for Gyldendal's online learning platform Salaby.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. See all publications in the database

Journal publications

Artistic productions

  • Greenall, Annjo Klungervik; Högberg, Martin. (2018) Greenall, Högberg & the Language: Løgn og forbannet gjendiktning. Løgn og forbannet gjendiktning
  • Greenall, Annjo Klungervik; Högberg, Martin. (2017) Engelskspråklige, norske pophits på nynorsk. null
  • Greenall, Annjo Klungervik; Högberg, Martin. (2017) Norske, engelskspråklige pophits på nynorsk. null
  • Greenall, Annjo Klungervik; Högberg, Martin. (2016) Konsert på Oversatte dager 2016. null
  • Greenall, Annjo Klungervik; Högberg, Martin. (2016) Pop som poesi: Engelskspråklig norsk pop i nynorsk oversettelse. null
  • Greenall, Annjo Klungervik; Högberg, Martin. (2015) Norsk på nynorsk. null
  • Greenall, Annjo Klungervik. (2013) Billie Holiday på nynorsk: Minikonsert. Billie Holiday på nynorsk