Background and activities

My main research topic is multisensor tracking for collision avoidance on Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs).

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My main supervisor is Edmund F. Brekke (

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Part of book/report

  • Flåten, Andreas Lindahl; Brekke, Edmund Førland. (2017) Rao-blackwellized particle filter for turn rate estimation. 2017 IEEE Aerospace Conference.
  • Flåten, Andreas Lindahl; Brekke, Edmund Førland. (2017) Stability of line-of-sight based trajectory-tracking in two dimensions. 2017 IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications (CCTA).
  • Hexeberg, Simen; Flåten, Andreas Lindahl; Eriksen, Bjørn-Olav Holtung; Brekke, Edmund Førland. (2017) AIS-based vessel trajectory prediction. 2017 20th International Conference on Information Fusion.
  • Olofsson, Jonatan; Flåten, Andreas Lindahl; Veibäck, Clas; Lauknes, Tom Rune. (2017) Gaussian Field Current Estimation from Drift Sea Ice Tracking with the Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter. OCEANS 2017 MTS/IEEE Anchorage.
  • Wilthil, Erik Falmår; Flåten, Andreas Lindahl; Brekke, Edmund Førland. (2017) A Target Tracking System for ASV Collision Avoidance Based on the PDAF. Sensing and Control for Autonomous Vehicles: Applications to Land, Water and Air Vehicles.
  • Flåten, Andreas Lindahl; Brekke, Edmund Førland. (2016) Performance Prediction of Tracking Sensors for Surface Vehicle Collision Avoidance. Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Information Fusion, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).