Background and activities

Larsen’s thesis (University of Oslo, 1981) was based on fieldwork in a rural Norwegian hamlet. A major objective was to reveal the underlying social structure in the community and how this conditioned the relationship between farmers and demanded subtleness of interaction. These processes and dynamics were discussed through role theory. Her Ph.D. dissertation (University of Trondheim, 1993) focused on the world view of Malay fishermen. Central questions in this study were why and how pre-Islamic beliefs continue to exist among the Malays in spite of pressures towards Islamic orthodoxy. Larsen has also worked in regional planning (with UNDP/UNDTCD) both in South East Asia and in the Middle East (1982-86). She is thus concerned with applied anthropology, especially in the area of regional planning. Larsen is moreover involved in research within medical anthropology, more specifically on the understandings of health and well-being among the local population in the United Arab Emirates. Another research interest is cultural heritage, and how it establishes itself in a range of contemporary institutions in Norway, like village festivals and historical plays. Larsen also holds an interest in methodological questions such as anthropology and autobiography.

  • Local Communities
  • Development Anthropology
  • World Views
  • Medical Anthropolgy
  • Methodology
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Norway
  • South East Asia
  • Middle East


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

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