Background and activities

I am a PhD Candidate at the Department of Language and Literature. I hold an MA in linguistics from the University of Copenhagen, with electives in gender studies, and I position myself somewhere between the two disciplines. I am interested in how language creates marginalised positions, and how people in these positions use language.

My PhD research

My PhD project holds the preliminary title 'Gender-neutral pronouns in contemporary Scandinavian - Experience, normalisation and public opinion in Norway, Denmark and Sweden'. The project aims at uncovering how gender-neutral pronouns are used in Scandinavia, the general public opinion, and how language policies affect the use.

My research consists of three parts:

  • Qualitative interviews with gender-neutral pronoun users
  • Discursive analysis of the public debate about gender-neutral pronouns
  • Qualitative interviews with language authorities

These three parts are expected to offer a comprehensive and multi-faceted picture of the use and spread of gender-neutral pronouns in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Main supervisor: Stian Hårstad, Department of Language and Literature, NTNU
Co-supervisor: Pia Quist, Department of Nordic Research, University of Copenhagen