Background and activities


Working in Jing Ye's group.


I graduated from University of Warsaw in the interdisciplinary Cognitive Science Programme (Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Centre of The New Technologies, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology). My previous work was focused on 3D genomics and chromatin organization in cognitive disorders. I am interested in multiscale modelling of brain and cognition and in understanding the molecular background of brain activity. 


Bugaj, A.,  and Jermakow, N. (2016). Mechanisms underlying Alzheimer’s disease. Neuropsychiatry and Neuropsychology, 11(3), pp.85-92.


Bugaj, A., Wlasnowolski, M., Plewczynski, D. ASD-related Structural Variants Disrupt TAD Boundaries and RNA POL II is affected by SNPs in ASD.

Bugaj, A., Plewczynski, D. Recent advances in ASD genomics. 

Conference talks and posters:

Genomic Landscape of Autism Disorder(Bugaj, A. Aspects of Neuroscience, Warsaw, 2018)

Exploring Genomics of Cognitive Disorders Using Bioinformatics. (Bugaj, A., Denkiewicz, M. Cognitive Encounters, Centre of New Technologies, Warsaw, 2018)

Diagnostics markers in Alzheimer's Disease. (Jermakow N., Bugaj, A. Aspects of Neuroscience, Warsaw, 2016)

Why Insulin Matters For The Brain. (Bugaj, A., Gasiewski T. Aspects of Neuroscience, Warsaw, 2015)

Technical interests/skills

Data analysis (R, Bash, Matlab)

Statistical learning/machine learning

Confocal microscopy

Other interests

Non-coding genomic elements

Cognitive function - disorders, disease, modelling






Spanish, Swedish, Danish, French, Russian - reading only