Background and activities

PhD Candiate at the Department of Art and Media Studies. Connected to the work package Museums: Big Data, digital storytelling and digitized museums in the KULMEDIA project Digitization and diversity - potentials and challenges for diversity in the culture and media sector.

Master of Aesthetical studies (2011) and Bachelors of Arts (2008) from the University of Oslo

Academic interests:

  • Photographic media
  • Selfie culture
  • Media Aesthetics

PhD project: On the Matter of Participation

By examining digitized art objects – their mediated materiality and qualities – as a possible locus for audience participation, the main objective of this study is to achieve a better understanding of the participatory potential of digitized art via different modes of digitization and dissemination, both practically and within perspectives of aesthetic theory and philosophy of technology. This goal will be reached by examining what constitutes the concepts and praxis of digitization, dissemination and participation, through theoretical, media aesthetic case studies of online dissemination of selected digitized pieces from the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art (NO), the Astrup Fearnley Museum (NO) and the Art Institute of Chicago (US), as mediated through DigitaltMuseum, the Astrup Fearnley app and Thingiverse, respectively. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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