Background and activities

Education : Bachelor in social work. Studies in psychology and religion. Master in social work / social science and PhD in health science.

Earlier work experience:  Child care, educational guidance service, social security office, probation service, adviser in drug and alcohol issues, research.

Tasks at the institute : Skills training in social work, practical training supervision, project adviser, studentadviser on bachelor and master theses, courses in academic writing, philosophy of science.

Research interests: The relation between drug and alcohol use, crime and society, housing and welfare policy, philosophy of science, the transition from youth to adulthood in an individualist society, the school as a social work venue.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Juberg, Anne. (2016) "Because I deserve it": Self- assured welfare claimant action amongst marginalized young adults( 18-23) as an intake to current tendencies in the newer Norwegian welfare state. The Welfare Society - an Aim for Social Development.


  • Juberg, Anne. (2014) When not too far gone: A pragmatic- reflexive approach to substance and crime prevention in consumer society towards indicated 16-18-year old adolescents. 2014.
  • Juberg, Anne; Kiik, Riina; Johansen, Per Erling. (2012) "Alt henger på boligen- vi får ikke gjort noe uten den": Sosialfaglige utfordringer blant ungdom ( 16-23) i Trondheim som har rusvansker og boligbehov. 2012. ISBN 978-82-7570-266-9.
  • Juberg, Anne; Marthinsen, Edgar. (2011) Følgeforskning på "MIA - Mångfaldskompetens i företagen ger ökad konkurrensförmåga". 2011. ISBN 978-82-7570-255-3.
  • Juberg, Anne; Marthinsen, Edgar. (2011) Utvärderingsrapport 2011: Følgeforskning på "MiA - Mångfaldskompetens i företagen ger ökad konkurrensförmåga". 2011.
  • Juberg, Anne. (2005) Når Rusmiddelmisbrukere blir foreldre.En grasrotrapport. 2005. ISBN 82-994486-6-2.
  • Juberg, Anne; Friedrich, Eliassen, Grethe. (2004) Ta tak! : rus i skolen - et felles ansvar! : et rusforebyggende prosjekt med utgangspunkt i videregående skoler i Nord- og Sør-Trøndelag 2002-2004. 2004.
  • Juberg, Anne. (2002) "Livet selv kan gi det rette svar". 2002.