Background and activities


I joined NTNU in May of 2019. I have a background in microstructure modeling and finite element method. During my MSc and afterward, I have cooperated with international scientists such as Professor Michael Friswell and Professor Timon Rabczuk. We have presented nonlocal strain gradient finite element models for cracked nonlocal beams, functionally graded materials, and functionally graded sandwich beams.

Currently, I am working with Professor Knut Marthinsen, Professor Bjørn Holmedal, and Dr. Tomas Manik. My PhD research is a part of a larger project named Rational Alloy Design - ALLDESIGN, whose primary objective is to create a digital materials design platform for intermetallic alloy design. My role is running crystal plasticity simulations for Aluminum alloys, using DAMASK software.

My research interests:

  • Continuum Plasticity
  • Crystal Plasticity
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • High-order Continuum Theories


  • Fortran
  • Python
  • Matlab
  • Abaqus
  • Catia

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Journal Publications:

Aria, A. I., Friswell, M. I., Rabczuk, T., Thermal Vibration Analysis of Cracked Nanobeams Embedded in an Elastic Matrix Using Finite Elements Analysis. Composite Structures,  , 212, pp. 118-128.

Aria, A. I., Friswell, M. I., 2019. A nonlocal finite element model for buckling and vibration of functionally graded nanobeams. Composites: Part B: Engineering, 166, pp. 233–246.

Aria, A. I., Biglari, H., 2018. Computational vibration and buckling analysis of microtubule bundles based on nonlocal strain gradient theory. Applied Mathematics and Computations, 321, pp. 313–332.

Aria, A.I. and Friswell, M.I., 2019. Computational hygro-thermal vibration and buckling analysis of functionally graded sandwich microbeams. Composites Part B: Engineering, 165, pp.785-797.

Aria, A. I., Rabczuk, T., Friswell, M. I., A Finite Element Model for Thermo-Elastic Analysis of Imperfect Functionally Graded Porous Nanobeams.  European Journal of Mechanics / A Solids (In production).

Ph.D. supervisors:

Main supervisor: Knut Marthinsen

Co-supervisors: Bjørn Holmedal & Tomas Manik


Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications