Background and activities

In 2013 I received PhD degree in materials science and engineering from the scientific council of Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow. I worked in the Centre for High Temperature Studies at Foundry Research Institute in Cracow for 15 years, where I gained experience in performing experimental research on behavior of liquid metals and alloys (based on Al, Mg, Zn, Sn, Si) in contact with various refractories (oxides, carbides, nitrides or borides). My research mainly concerned  the analysis of their physicochemical properties (wettabilty kinetics, reactivity, wetting behaviors, etc.) and structural studies. In addition, I was involved in designing and building of new high temperature experimental devices (furnaces) dedicated for investigation of wettability and reactivity in various metal/ceramic systems. I was also responsible for carrying out laboratory works within domestic and international projects.

I started working on the project from March 1, 2019 as PostDoc at SFI. My main goal is to study the possibility of physical separation of Al metal from Al. dross.Research includes such scientific activities as: analysis of the chemical composition and phases identification in Al dross, determination of physicochemical properties of Al dross (wetting kinetics, reactivity, wetting behavior, etc.), characterization of Al dross and finding about mechanism of the dross formation, finding possible improvement for better Al extraction from the dross.