Background and activities

PhD-candidate from Dec. 2014 - March 2018

Supervisor: Marta Molinas

Working title of PhD-work:

"Real-time monitoring of stability in power electronic dominated power systems"

Key words: stability boundaries of power electronics systems, smart grid, offshore grids, power electronics controller interactions, small and large signal stability, Generalized Nyquist Criterion, Impedance-based stability method

Objective and methodology

The objective of the project will be to develop generic stability analysis tools for quantifying the power electronic system stability region and boundaries. The project will be based on a combination of analyses, simulation and experimental work. The starting point for the development will be based on the current state-of-the-art methods widely utilized in classical power systems and the recent developments for PE dominated systems, e.g. impedance-based stability analysis, small signal methods, generalized Nyquist criterion. Modelling of the power electronics converters as input to such methods will be critical for the validity of the new tools to be developed in this research. The level of detailing and accuracy in the representation of the power electronics units, the individual controllers and the signal processing delay effects will be decided through a rigorous and systematic analysis and validation procedure based on experimental benchmarks. Experimental validation will be essential to ensure that relevant and critical behavior does not remain hidden by oversimplified modelling of the system. The expected outcome from this research will be a set of tools (tool box) that can provide multi-variable stability indicators and/or multi-dimensional stability maps of power electronics systems.

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