Background and activities

Carlos Salas Bringas is a professor working in Water and Environmental Technology with smart water solutions. His academic background is process technology where he has a PhD, a master in feed manufacturing technology and he is also an aquaculture engineer. Carlos Salas Bringas started as full professor at NTNU in 2019, previously he worked for 15 years at NMBU University. He has taken his study programs and specialization courses at different Universities; Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Norway), Andres Bello National University (Chile), Cambridge University (England), Massey University (New Zealand), University of Nevada Las Vegas (USA) and at Technical University of Denmark.

Carlos Salas Bringas contributes to the study program and research at NTNU in the areas of water and wastewater transport, measurement techniques, separation processes, treatment processes, fluid and solid biomass handling, product development, computer aided design in SolidWorks, computational fluid dynamics, rheology, and with lab on a chip technique. Carlos Salas Bringas has been actively involved in scientific research and innovation where he was part of three patenting activities as inventor, here it can be highlighted a worldwide Patent obtained in 2019 in a process equipment (International Publication number WO 2018/139932). 



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