Varmeteknisk, B546, Gløshaugen, , Kolbjørn Hejes vei 1B

Background and activities

Research Focus

  • Chemical reaction engineering
  • Process development
  •  CO2 Capture
  • Heterogeneous catalysis

PhD Project: Demonstration of the Swing Adsorption Reactor Cluster (SARC) for Post Combustion CO2 Capture

The SARC concept combines a temperature and vacuum swing for sorbent regeneration. A heat pump is used for transferring heat from the exothermic carbonation reaction to the endothermic regeneration reaction. Sorbent regeneration under vacuum allows for a small temperature difference between carbonation and regeneration, leading to a high heat pump efficiency.

Skills and Expertise

  • Reaction Engineering and kinetics
  • Process Integration, Optimization and development
  • Heterogeneous catalysis
  • Computational Skills: ASPEN, JMP-SAS

Work Experience

  • Research Scientist (Chemicals SBUs) – SABIC Research and technology Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore - Oct 2016 to Jan 2018
  •  Research Engineer (Chemicals SBUs) – SABIC Research and technology Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore - Jan 2014 to Sept 2016
  • Research Engineer (Process Engineering) – SABIC Research and technology Pvt. Ltd, Vadodara. - June 2011 to Dec 2013

Educational Background

  • M.Tech in Chemical Engineering ( Specialization in catalysis technology) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-M), Aug 2009 to May 2011
  • BE (First Distinction.) in Chemical Engineering from University of Mumbai- Aug 2005 to Jun 2009

Publication / Conference

  • Satyanarayana Reddy Akuri, Chaitanya Dhoke, K. Rakesh, Shweta Hegde, Sreejit A. Nair, Raj Deshpande, P. Manikandan; Decomposition of Methyl Formate over Supported Pd Catalysts; Catalysis Letters 147(5):1-9; DOI: 10.1007/s10562-017-2011-y
  • Chaitanya Dhoke, Abdelghafour Zaabout, Schalk Cloete, Hwimin Seo, Yong-ki Park, Shahriar Amini; The Swing Adsorption Reactor Cluster (SARC) for Post Combustion CO2 Capture: Experimental Proof-of-Principle; ISCRE-25 Conference poster, Florence , Italy, 20-23 may 2018