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  • Adrah, Charles Mawutor; Bjørnstad, Steinar; Kure, Øivind. (2017) Fusion Networking Technology for IEC 61850 Inter Substation Communication. 2017. ISBN 978-1-5386-0503-5.

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  • Adrah, Charles Mawutor; Palma, David; Kure, Øivind; Heegaard, Poul Einar. (2022) Deploying 5G architecture for protection systems in smart distribution grids. 2022 IEEE Power & Energy Society Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (ISGT 2022).
  • Khalili Katoulaei, Mohammad; Adrah, Charles Mawutor; Sanchez Acevedo, Santiago; Hoidalen, Hans Kristian. (2021) Testing mixed application of analog and process bus environment in transformer differential protection. CIRED 2021 - The 26th International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution.
  • Amare, Tesfaye; Adrah, Charles Mawutor; Helvik, Bjarne Emil. (2019) A Method for Performability Study on Wide Area Communication Architectures for Smart Grid. 2019 7th International Conference on Smart Grid (icSmartGrid).
  • Adrah, Charles Mawutor; Kamath, Aditya K.; Bjørnstad, Steinar; Tahiliani, Mohit P.. (2019) Achieving Guaranteed Performance for Protection Traffic in Smart Grid Wide- Area Networks. Proceedings of 2019 the 7th IEEE International Conference on Smart Energy Grid Engineering (SEGE 2019).
  • Adrah, Charles Mawutor; Kure, Øivind; Yellajosula, Jaya R., Jaya; Paudyal, Sumit; Mork, Bruce Andrew Knut. (2018) A Methodology to Implement and Investigate Performance of Sampled Values for Wide-Area Protection. 2018 2nd International Conference on Smart Grid and Smart Cities (ICSGSC).


  • Adrah, Charles Mawutor. (2020) Communication Networks for Protection Systems in Smart Transmission Grids. Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet. 2020. ISBN 978-82-326-4851-1.