Background and activities

Lecturer in BI2060 - Marine Ecology - primary production, algal growth and photosynthesis. 

The potential of using microalgae for a variety of biotechnological applications (food source, fish feed, omega-3 source) is widely known. A discrepancy clearly exists between the well-recognized commercial potential of microalgal species and the actual industrial development. This is mainly due to low efficiency of light utilization during photosynthesis. A single cell can waste up to 90% of the photons absorbed. A variety of microalgal-mutated strains will be produced using both genetic engineering tools (CRISPR-Cas9) and direct evolution and tested using molecular and bio-optical methods. These findings aims to gain a better understanding of the photosynthetic process and identify the molecular actors responsible for assembling and regulating the photosystems and the light harvesting proteins. In this scenario, the possibility to identify mutant strains with a higher production capacity and therefore better suited for industrial purposes will be addressed.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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